Sunday, June 16, 2013

☈ Best Capacitors for Audio 2013 ☈

I have found that caps have different sounds. And the sound you get depends on several issues. Additionally, I have found that if you count the number of capacitors inline with the signal, you will find that the less capacitors have the more the influence they have with the sound. I have only two caps in the signal path (this is excluding those in the power supplies). One is in the output of the CD/DVD player while the other capacitor is on in the tube amps. If you change either of these capacitors it will give you a different effect on the final sound. If you have many capacitors, changing one may not have a profound change in the sound.

However, I have modded many car stereos all of which use cheap electo types for signal passing and changing them all to film types will improve the sound greatly. I have experimented with scores of capacitors in my system and some capacitors will sound similar, but from top to bottom on the capacitor scale you will find that sound differences.

The new super capacitors series from DCN Illinois Capacitor now offers very high capacitance values up to 3,500 Farads, while maintaining small case sizes.

The new expanded DCN Series includes more values, now ranging in capacitance from 1F (Farad) to 3,500F, with voltage ratings from 2.7 to 5.5WVDC. With Operating temperature ranges from -40 to +60°C that give an extended life performance.

These super capacitors are an excellent replacement for batteries or as supplements to batteries. As you know, unlike ordinary batteries, capacitors do not degrade with each cycle. At 2.7 volts, DCN have a load life rated at an amazing 86,700 hours. With operating life rated at 10 years with 500,000 cycles. Applications for these super capacitors include: energy harvesting, battery pack alternatives, memory backup, battery/capacitor hybrids, UPS systems, emergency lighting, solar lighting, auto sound power boost and gives exellent good capacitors for audio.

DCN Series capacitors are packaged with various termination styles and case diameters, depending on values. The parts are also fully RoHS compliant. Like other IC capacitors, each DCN Series capacitor is 100% burn-in tested. Prices are very competative in todays market with $0.70 for 10 Farad at 2.7 Volt so not really on par with the old fashioned battery but considering the operating life it's getting very close. So you do the math.

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