Thursday, March 24, 2016

☈ The New 3 Volt 3000 farad BCAP3000 Capacitor ☈

This is the newest addition to Maxwell Technologies’ K2 family of supercapacitors. They now bring us an even more powerful 3-volt, 3000-farad cell.

Being Maxwell’s first 3-volt cell it meets the same typical life performance criteria as the 2.7-volt cell, with the added benefit of increased power capability with an 31% increase over the 2.7-volt cell and a healthy 16% increase over the 2.85-volt cell.

The new 3000F 3.0V boostcap model goes by the name BCAP3000 P300 K04 and the bulk price for these capacitors new are around $60 each. And of course that price goes down if you order more than 15 capacitors at a time.

New Boostcap BCAP3000 Capacitor Features 3-volt 3000 Farad Ultracapacitor cell Specifications
New Boostcap BCAP3000 Capacitor Features 3-volt 3000 Farad Supercapacitor cell


  1. Okay, GREAT !!! :O)
    Maxwell BCAP3000 P300 K04
    So, WHERE can they be bought for 15+ at a time ???
    Who sells these in California USA
    (preferably San Francisco Bay Area) ???

  2. Hi OnGuard2Shay, these are pretty new supercapacitors from Maxwell and I'm sure more sellers will have them in stock soon, but at the moment Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics have them in stock in the US

    Digi-Key Electronics can ship them immediately

    Mouser Electronics can also ship them immediately

    There is a slight bulk price difference between the two depending on how many BCAP3000 capacitors you order at a time, so make sure you contact them both before you make your order to get the best price.

  3. I'm looking for the NEW Maxwell P300s, not the P270s.
    3.00 WorkingVoltsDC vs 2.70wvdc. I found this link to buy: